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House / Dream Hunting From Vacation Home


A lot of us are staying home to stay safe and to stay healthy. I have found that people are finally able to explore things that they may not have had time to explore before, like the possibility of buying a vacation home or investment property. 

With interest rates so low, now would be a good time to talk to a lender about the options and possibilities of getting a loan to purchase a second home or vacation property. I have several lenders that I work with hand in hand that would be able to assist you and talk you through this process.. 

If you are curious about how this might work, I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a scenario.

Consider this listing at Caribe: 

      This is just a scenario, several of the numbers used in this could change depending on the market, the amount of time you are going to rent the unit, and many other factors. 


Listing Price - $549,999

Taxes $3,200
Insurance $1,000
HOA $8,750
Utilities & Trash $1,500

# of Years 30
Rate 3.50%
% Down 20%
Closing Costs $3,000
Annual Payment $23,494

Gross Annual Rent $41,000

Gross Annual Rent $41,000
- Total Expenses $14,450
NOI= $26,550

NOI $26,550
Debt Service $23,494
Cash Flow= $3,056


If this is something that interests you and you would like to check out some other options in different price ranges, let me know. I would love to help you with achieving this this potential dream.

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