Help Calculating Your Baldwin County

Property Taxes


General Rule / Examples

The mean effective property tax rate on owner occupied housing is 0.43% in Alabama. In Baldwin County, where Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are located, property taxes are calculated using a general formula. It does not apply to farm or forest lands receiving benefit of current use values.

Market Value x Assessment Rate* = Value x Levy (Millage Rate)** = Tax – Homestead Exemption = Tax

       *The assessment rate for owner occupied housing is 10%
       *The assessment rate for non-owner occupied housing is 20%
       **The millage rate for the city of Gulf Shores is currently 33 mills.
       **The millage rate for the city of Orange Beach is currently 32 mills.

Each “mill” is equivalent to one-tenth of a cent. For Gulf Shores, the levy would be .033, and for Orange Beach, .032.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. If you own a $300,000 home or condo in Gulf Shores, and you reside in that home, your taxes would be:

       $300,000 x .10 = $30,000 x .033 = $990 – $45 = $945 Total Tax

If you’re in beautiful Orange Beach, and you reside in your home (and why wouldn’t you?), your taxes would be:

       $300,000 x .10 = $30,000 x .032 = $960 – $45 = $915 Total Tax

If you purchased the same $300,000 property in Gulf Shores as a second home, for your personal use or as investment property to be rented, your taxes would be:

      $300,000 x .20 = $60,000 x .033 = $1980 Total Tax

In Orange Beach, your taxes would be:

       $300,000 x .20 = $60,000 x .032 = $1920 Total Tax

See what I mean? So, why on earth are you still just thinking about it? Alabama has an abundance of things to offer, and Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are at the top of the list.

Alabama the Beautiful! Our state motto says it all –Alabama is a beautiful state, no matter which city you visit.

We have it all, from majestic mountains in the north to some of the world’s most stunning beaches here in the south. With all of that to offer, you might think that property taxes would be high, but you’d be wrong.

Alabama levies the second lowest property taxes in the country, with only Hawaii coming in lower.

Here in Baldwin County, our property taxes are based on the millage system. A mill is equivalent to one-tenth of a cent. In Magnolia Springs and Foley, taxes are levied at 33 mills or .033 of the assessed value of your home. If you live in your home, your assessed value is 10% of the market value, plus there is a homestead exemption of $45.00. If you own a second home or investment property here, the assessed value is 20% of the market value.

Let’s look at an example. If you own a $200,000 home in Foley or Magnolia Springs that is your principle residence, your property taxes would be:

Market Value x Assessment Rate = Value x Levy = Tax – Homestead Exemption

       $200,000 x .10 = $20,000 x .033 = $660 – $45 = $615 per year

If you’re buying a second home or investment property, the property taxes for a $200,000 home would be:

       $200,000 x .20 = $40,000 x .033 = $1,320 per year

So, the state motto is right – Alabama IS beautiful, in more ways than one. Now is a great time to buy, and we can help you find the home of your dreams in Foley or Magnolia Springs. Remember, you can live here, too.